The Guest Cottage

Fully weatherized for three-season living, the guest cottage has its own kitchen, living room, bedroom and screened-in porch. The guest cottage is perfect for accomodating family or friends for any occasion.

The Barn

This charming barn will greet you at the top of the property as you pull into Two Oars's private driveway. Its tall, double-wide doors have been opened by farmers, artists, children and many others who worked or played in this enchanting building. With a second-story storage loft and large, built-in workbench, the barn offers great utility.

The Bunkhouse

A rustic red structure, the bunkhouse can be used as a warm-weather sitting room for a sip of afternoon lemonade. In the winter, it provides ample space for storage.

The Fishing Shack

With its own screened-in porch, this is no ordinary fishing shack. It is located right at the water's edge and is a true respite from the world.